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pop3filter is a POP3 Transparent Proxy with filters support.

Imagine that you want to apply filters to your incoming emails (rename attachments, detect spam, ...), but your user agent don't have the feature of pipeing your email.

A solution would be to use a Mail Delivery Agent like procmail. Some times, this is not possible: for non-UNIX users this can be a hell to setup.

This piece of software was created for my mom. She uses Windows(tm), and she uses the free version of Eudora to check her emails. I can't force her to use kmail or something like that, so she can't pipe the mail to a filter. Now she can pipe her messages with pop3filter that runs in my linux box.

Fell free to mail me if you have a problem or suggestion

disclamer: i don't use this program anymore (2005-01-01)


May 2004: New Version (new options --user username, --group groupname, --listen address)
Jan 2003: 1st releaser

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